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Can Epoxy Flooring be Applied Over Floor tiles?


Yes! With the correct preparation and use of true industrial grade epoxy resin coating materials, various types of Epoxy Flooring Systems can be applied over most types of old tiles, to give new life to the surface. The SEF Premium Over Tile Epoxy Flooring System is >5mm dry film thickness in total and generally will not disturb the heights, meaning you won't have to engage another tradesman to remove doors or cabinets, shave the bottom and reinstall them.



Benefits of applying epoxy to your Tiled flooring


Tile Renewal

Epoxy flooring breathes new life into old and worn tiles. It acts as a rejuvenating solution, refreshing the appearance of your tiled floors and effectively covering imperfections, cracks, or signs of wear and tear.

By applying epoxy on tiles, you can give your floors a renewed and polished look, contributing to a revitalized and aesthetically pleasing space.

Variety of Systems

Epoxy floor coatings offer a diverse range of possibilities that can be applied over tiled surfaces, including slip-resistant solid color epoxy flooring, flake epoxy floor coatings, or metallic and liquid epoxy marble floor coating systems. These options provide not only durability but are also aesthetic versatility for a customized flooring solution. 

Hygienic and Safe

Epoxy flooring doesn't harbor bacteria, meeting Australian Health and Safety Standards for a hygienic environment. This makes it an ideal choice for tiled floors in spaces where cleanliness and health are paramount.

Maintaining a bacteria-resistant surface contributes to a healthier indoor environment and ensures compliance with stringent hygiene standards.

Durability for Commercial Use

Epoxy flooring is specifically designed for commercial kitchens and high-traffic tiled areas, offering exceptional durability against the rigors of constant use. It withstands the demands of heavy foot traffic, spills, and the impact of kitchen activities.

Its long-lasting performance ensures that your tiled floors maintain their integrity, providing a reliable and durable surface in demanding environments.

Available Epoxy flooring systems for over tiles


Tiles must be sound and fairly damage-free to allow epoxy flooring system to be applied over them. From there the process is relatively fast and the product is available in many different looks to suit different tastes and environments. Preparation is the most important key to any successful floor coatings, especially when it comes to epoxy over tiled floors.







Watch our videos below to see old tiled floors being transformed using different types of epoxy systems

Photos of our completed Epoxy Flooring Projects on Tiles


Visit Sydney Epoxy Floors' Northbridge Showroom Located at No. 153 Sailors Bay Road Northbridge NSW 2063 to see the tiled kitchen floor covered in our SEF premium seamless flake epoxy flooring system.

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