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Can Epoxy Flooring be Applied Over Floor tiles?

Yes! With the correct preparation and use of true industrial grade epoxy resin coating materials, various types of Epoxy Flooring Systems can be applied over most types of old tiles, to give new life to the surface. The SEF Premium Over Tile Epoxy Flooring System is >5mm dry film thickness in total and generally will not disturb the heights, meaning you won't have to engage another tradesman to remove doors or cabinets, shave the bottom and reinstall them.

Tiles must be sound and fairly damage-free to allow epoxy flooring system to be applied over them. From there the process is relatively fast and the product is available in many different looks to suit different tastes and environments. 

Available Epoxy flooring systems for over tiles are:

  1. Solid Colour Epoxy Flooring - This option is available in a smooth or anti-slip finish to meet floor covering requirements in commercial and industrial environments. 
  2. SEF Premium Seamless Flake System - The finish is slightly textured and slip rating can be increased. 
  3. SEF Premium Seamless Metallic or Liquid Marble Epoxy Flooring System -This option is only available in a smooth finish and will meet R9 Or P2 slip rating. The SEF SuperClear (Protective Layer) is available in Gloss and Matt. 

SEF Premium Over Tile Epoxy Flooring System is a fast, durable and smart floor covering system for the following areas:

Unfortunately at this point in time, we don't offer this service for inside homes.

Our 6 Step SEF Premium Over Tile Epoxy Flooring system is made of the following steps:

Step 1
Scan the floor carefully, identify and remove any drummy tiles. 
Step 2
Carry out Diamond grinding to de-gloss the tiles  and create mechanical bonding in between the SEF100EP Tile-Lock Primer and substrate.
Step 3
Patch where the tiles have been removed using SEF Epoxy Mortar.
Step 4
Apply 1 x coat of SEF100EP Tile-Lock Primer at 2mm 
Step 5
Once the primer is cured, we will grind over the primer to take away any high points and identify the low points and fill them using SEF-EP Filler.
Step 6
The floor is ready to be finished with an Epoxy Flooring system of your choice.

Watch our videos below to see old tiled floors being transformed using different types of epoxy flooring systems:

Epoxy Flooring Applied Over Old Tiles in Commercial Kitchen


Metallic Epoxy Flooring Applied Over Old Tiles

Visit Sydney Epoxy Floors' Northbridge Showroom Located at No. 153 Sailors Bay Road Northbridge NSW 2063 to see the tiled kitchen floor covered in our SEF premium seamless flake epoxy flooring system.

The Metropolitan areas in Sydney that we provide service for include:

- Sydney North Shore
- Western Sydney
- Sutherland Shire
- Sydney North Shore
- South West Sydney
- Sydney Hills area, covering from Baulkham hills to Richmond
- Blue Mountains 

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Epoxy Flooring Old Tiles With SEF Liquid Marble