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Transforming your garage into a professional-looking and inviting space.



  • Permanent dust-proofing solution on residential concrete floors
  • Beautifies the space and is asthetically pleasing
  • Extremely durable, resists hot tyre pick-up, oil spillage, and fuel spillage
  • Will instantly increase the value of your home


Why are industrial-grade floor coating systems the best solution for residential garage floors?


Correctly applied epoxy and polyaspratic floor coatings in a residential garage floor is a fantastic investment and a useful feature that delivers many benefits for residential homes. It will instantly transform your garage floor into an inviting environment and act as a heavy-duty permanent anti-dust sealer, but it is critical to get the right contractor. We understand that we at Sydney Epoxy Floors may not be a good match for everyone, but by the end of this page, you will have all the information you need to make an educated decision about choosing the right contractor for your garage floor coating journey and also learn what questions to ask and find garage floor coating choices that, when installed properly, can last a long time.

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Benefits of applying industrial-grade floor coating to your garage floor



Maintaining your garage floor can be a frustrating process; epoxy coating gives you the chance to permanently seal your concrete and never worry again! Rather than spending hours mopping up dust, the epoxy will create a barrier, enabling a hassle-free life. Not only that, but it eliminates dusting, saving you even more time spent cleaning your home. Consider an epoxy coating; it could be the long-term solution you've been looking for!

Aesthetically pleasing

Our industry-leading SEF Premium floor coating systems add a spectacular glossy topcoat that will reflect light beautifully, creating a brilliant and inviting atmosphere inside your garage in no time. Our Premium range is perfect for everyone's style preference, as it offers a wide selection of designs that can be matched to any décor. No matter what ambience you have in your garage, SEF Premium seamless finishes provide an exclusive and alluring match.

Durability and longevity

A two-pack floor coating system applied correctly is incredibly durable, shielding your garage floor against fuel, oil, and hot tyre pick-up. That's why our SEF Premium Flake System with a polyaspartic topcoat is the perfect choice for any garage floor covering. Made with an ultra-premium UV-resistant polyaspartic finish, you'll be stress-free for years to come knowing it's properly protected!

Slip and chemical-resistant

Covering your garage floor with an industrial-grade floor coating system will increase the value of your property. With prices reaching upwards of 1.1 million dollars for the median house in Sydney, by beautifying your garage floor, you can increase the value of your home and reflect on the quality of the building. Damaged or stained concrete can be easily repaired with high-build epoxy mortars and coated over with one of our exclusive SEF premium designs.



Why should you invest in Garage Epoxy Coating?

Why Choose Sydney Epoxy Floors For Your Next Garage Epoxy Project?

Here are our most common garage floor coating systems







Simple, No obligation, Free Quote For Your Garage Floor Coating Project

Our quoting process is quick and easy. The first step in obtaining a quote for your garage floor coating job is to contact us with some information about it. Our residential manager, Tim Burmin, has many years of industry experience and specialises in garage floor epoxy flooring. As soon as our office receives your enquiry, we will make contact with you to go over the alternatives and provide a no-obligation over-the-phone estimate. If you decide Sydney Epoxy Floors is the right partner for your garage floor coating adventure, we will schedule a site inspection to analyse the condition of your slab and provide you with an exact quotation.


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Our SEF Premium Flake System is backed by a 5-year warranty. Click on videos to see how we handle our warranty claims!




Photos of our completed Garage Epoxy Flooring Projects


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We offer a complimentary, obligation-free site inspection for all garage floor projects.

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