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Why do you Need Epoxy Flooring in your Home and Business?

Flooring is one of the crucial parts of any house and building construction. The question as to which type and/or kind of flooring to be used is the next thing to think about. There are many factors to consider to arrive at the best decision such as costs, time, durability and maintenance.

What are you willing to spend to get the longest use from your intended flooring type. How to maintain it properly? Is Epoxy flooring worth the investment

Many people especially business owners believe that Epoxy is one of the most affordable commercial flooring options because preventative maintenance is the best way to save money if you plan to have it long term. 

The same thing applies to homeowners who critically check what type of flooring they need to choose when they replace their existing flooring when they are looking for the right flooring at a reasonable cost.  

Before going deeply into details, let’s check the reasons why do you need Epoxy flooring in the first place? Whether for your commercial or industrial space and/or residential flooring.  Sydney epoxy flooring professionals will share some of the main reason with a quick guide for homeowners and business owners. 


You may need epoxy flooring in the different parts of your house such as garage, kitchen, bathroom, basement, living room and backyard. Homeowners who already tried this type of flooring stated how durable it was when they used epoxy coating in the different settings. The flooring can last for a long time and its strength also depends on the application and installation. For assured and proper installation, consultation with Sydney Epoxy Flooring professionals is very important. They will help you understand how epoxy coating works especially in the areas with higher or frequent foot traffic.  

It is best to use epoxy for your garage and kitchen since these 2 parts of the house which most likely very prone to floor cracking or peeling (from cars coming in and out every day) and chemical damage caused by acids and oils from cooking and cleaning materials. Epoxy flooring is extremely resistant to all kinds of breakage or floor damage. Aside from that, the epoxy coating can withstand excessive heat and is also water resistant preventing damage and cracking to then untreated concrete floor.   

Another special feature of using epoxy coating for your home is that you can create customized designs by choosing different colours, materials with patterns or shapes, or whatever texture look you prefer. Epoxy flooring is quite easy to maintain along with its bright appearance and non stick characteristic leading to a worry free maintenance. 

More importantly, epoxy flooring has a lower overall cost than other types of flooring like concrete, where you may need to build and install a separate flooring system during replacement.


One important advantage of using epoxy coating in your business is the professional look it gives to any retail or commercial establishment. You can see different colors and designs in the establishment’s lobby, reception or customer lounge areas and some store display floors. With a high-gloss finish, the floors’ brightness can be increased by up to 200%. 

When your business location is exposed to extreme weather conditions, epoxy flooring is highly recommended since it can resist moisture and too much heat. Damage to floors caused by the climate are common problems for business owners because these may bring unexpected and additional costs for frequent repairs on their part and later affect their profit.

As in residential, epoxy floors are useful due to their longevity and durability. In retail stores, hotels, restaurants and cafes, customers come and go and with this very high foot traffic, replacing the floors more often is quite necessary if only ordinary flooring was used. Epoxy, as everybody knew, is a strong material that can sustain and hold up heavy foot traffic. 

While epoxy coatings fully and properly installed in your commercial space like these, you are assured to have your store floors still look fantastic through time, with basic maintenance only.

Speaking of maintenance, epoxy floors are easy to maintain with regular cleaning making them look stunning all the time. You don’t need to purchase special cleaning tools or special equipment and spend so much time and effort to clean and maintain the floors which in turn may cut your other labour or maintenance costs in the long run. 

For other establishments like hospitals and restrooms in the shopping centres or retail stores, epoxy floors are highly recommended as well since they have resistance to germs and some bacteria which are commonly found in those environments. Epoxy flooring can easily clean and sanitize properly with minimal time spent on disinfection. 


Warehouses, manufacturing facilities or factories of food and non food products and big storage areas are some of the industrial properties that are greatly in need of durable and heavy duty flooring. 

Only epoxy floors can resist different chemical substances including, oil, water, fluids and other chemicals are easy to clean by just using mops or other cleaning tools. Also, they can withstand heavy loads of products and materials and heavy traffic of factory workers passing by all areas daily.

Protection to your concrete floors and the entire property is also one of the reasons why business owners prefer epoxy coatings as they cannot sacrifice a single second of interruption of the day to day warehouse or production activity because of unexpected repairs to the floor. 

Finally as a business owner, you won’t have any problem with the safety and environmental standards as epoxy flooring meets all the requirements while other types of flooring do not. This may cause delays on documents or licenses to operate smoothly which in turn eventually affects production and sales.

The three (3) main and important reasons for having epoxy flooring in your residential, commercial and even industrial properties are durability, easy maintenance and affordability. So why choose other types of flooring to install in your home or business space? Consult now with Sydney Epoxy experts to help you out with your flooring needs and requirements. As you know, Epoxy coating installations and maintenance services can only be done properly by experienced and professionals in Sydney. 

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