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Known Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for homes and warehouses

5 Known Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

When planning to revamp your commercial or living space it’s essential to find a floor solution that can stand the brunt of your everyday activities, and resist any wear and tear without calling for too much maintenance. Epoxy Flooring is known for functionality, aesthetics, safety, low-maintenance, and may be the perfect reason to ditch your old flooring system. Here are 5 known benefits of adopting an Epoxy Flooring System for those who love the details:

1- Epoxy Flooring Offers A Hard Wearing Durable Surface

Epoxy floor coating has the ability to resist considerable wear and lasts longer than many other floor types, meaning you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor every time you drop something! While concrete is a competitively strong material, an epoxy floor coating can make concrete more durable and is tougher than your conventional flooring.

2- Chemical & Slip Resistant Flooring Application

Epoxy flooring can resist the corrosive action of chemical agents which is perfect for facilities that deal with significant levels of chemical exposure. An epoxy flooring system that withstands constant foot traffic can also be customised to have anti slip properties to help prevent slip accidents and ensure the safety of your family, customers and staff.

3- Epoxy Flooring Requires Relatively Low Maintenance

The most popular benefit of installing an epoxy flooring system is that it requires very little maintenance. Its smooth resin and glossy finish allows you to clean any stains, liquids or blotches in seconds. Hospitality establishments benefit from added epoxy covings, that prevent bacteria from thriving in the corners of the floor.

4- Aesthetically Pleasing

Gone are the days when epoxy floors were only used in industrial spaces. With finishes like flake, metallic, and polished concrete, epoxy flooring easily enhances the aesthetic value of your space and are handmade works of art!  With the complete capability to customise, we can fulfil your requirements and bring your vision to life.

5- Epoxy Floors Are Cost Effective And Have Short Curing Periods

Having a professional install your epoxy flooring will mean less investment and production downtime. The epoxy installation can be completed overnight and still be trafficable by the morning (unlike other flooring solutions) Meaning you can continue with your day as planned with interruptions being minimal to none!

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