Solid or Single Colour Epoxy Floor Painting System

High build, 100% solids epoxies will provide a durable protective solid colour coating to your interior concrete floor , these systems produce minimal odour and are hard-wearing and can be tinted in all colours available on Australian Standards Colour Chart. 


Typical areas of use are:

  • Garage floors
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Laboratories and clean rooms
  • Automotive Service Areas 
  • Medical facilities
  • Hangers


Advantages of this system are:

  • Environmental friendly
  • Dust proofs the surface
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Provides excellent protection to the substrate 
  • Increases strength of the substrate 
  • Acid, Chemical and abrasion-resistant 
  • Quick cure products are available for fast turn around time



The system is made of a Primer coat, optional non-slip media broadcast,  1 or 2 coats of high build epoxy and 1 or 2 optional coats of Polyurethane to provide a wear layer and also UV stabilize the surface meet all the requirements.








Correct Preparation Will Prevent Poor Performance! 


Surface preparation is THE MOST important part of installing a long-lasting coating,  Epoxies require a sound and clean surface to bond to otherwise they will peel off,   our preferred methods of preparing a concrete surface are Diamond Grinding and Shot Blasting and preparing the surface by these methods will assure the floor will provide many years of service.