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The Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring For Garages

The garage is changing. The days of it being a haphazard space full of rusty toolboxes, spiderwebs, and mismatched Christmas decorations are becoming a thing of the past. People everywhere are transforming these spaces and taking pride in their appearance, with a fundamental aspect of the presentation being the quality of the garage flooring installations.

An epoxy floor system is a perfect choice for safeguarding your garage floor. Not to be confused with paints containing epoxy components, epoxy floor coatings can improve the durability of your garage floor by sealing cracks and adding resilience. At the same time, an epoxy installation is aesthetically pleasing, providing gloss and shine to your concrete floors.

Here we will explore precisely what epoxy flooring is before highlighting the benefits this versatile coating can bring to your garage.

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring for your garage is a durable coating consisting primarily of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. 

When these two parts combine, an intense chemical reaction follows, with the resulting mixture becoming a thick and long-lasting substance. When an applied epoxy coating is added to a well-prepared concrete floor, a tough bond is formed, with the polyamine hardener giving the essence its true resilience. 

This is the mark of genuine epoxy flooring. Floor paint will often attempt to emulate the results of this process by adding epoxy, still, for the authentic outcome with all of the benefits that will be discussed below.

Why choose epoxy flooring for your garage?

With many types of flooring solutions, it can be challenging to determine which one to go with. However, it cannot be denied that an applied epoxy coating has many benefits, with the most prevalent being as follows.

1. Superior resilience

In an environment that will inevitably see a high level of traffic and constant buffering from tyres and corrosive chemical residues, the floor surface must be able to stand up to it. The unique properties of the epoxy chemical reaction will result in a resilient and long-lasting substance superior to concrete alone. There is no risk of cracking or chipping.

There is also the added benefit of epoxy reinforcing concrete floors that have seen better days. As the coat is applied, the mixture seals and cures existing cracks and crevices that would otherwise be in danger of worsening. This is particularly beneficial for those in wetter climates, as moisture is prevented from entering and damaging the floor's integrity.  

2. Cost and time effective

There was once a time when a floor that had fallen into disrepute would need to be ripped up and replaced in its entirety. This is no longer the case.

Not only is the coating itself an affordable option, but the fact that it can be applied over existing flooring installation will again save on additional installation costs and gives it an advantage over most tile and vinyl choices. 

The process is also time-effective. Ensure that there are no errors during the installation process. It may be prudent to allow professionals to work to get the most out of the epoxy coating. With professional quality and a durable epoxy coating, likely, you will never have to worry about garage flooring again!

3. Enhanced safety

Once the epoxy flooring installation has been completed, you will be left with a coating that is not only durable and long-lasting, but one that is also is reflective of light. This will make the garage look great, but it will also lighten the space, reducing the risk of trip falls and hidden slipping hazards.

On initial viewing, the gloss of an epoxy surface often leads to the misconception that the coating is slippery when wet. While any smooth surface has the potential to cause slipping, this can largely be negated with the addition of anti-slip additives such as polymer grit during the installation process.

4. Pleasing on the eye   

Epoxy coating is a practical solution, offering a wide range of aesthetic choices to compliment your existing environment. The coating's inherent sparkle and reflective nature will enhance your garage space's appearance in colour, texture, and finishes.

Epoxy coating can also act as a cover for blemishes and inconsistencies on the existing floor. Once the layers have been applied, there will be no evidence that these imperfections were even there!

5. Ease of maintenance

Epoxy coating is mainly indestructible. It can not be damaged by heat, water, or weight and can easily withstand corrosive chemicals. It is not affected by road salt, and any stains that do appear can be removed with water. Everything is sealed, meaning that the surface is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

It should be noted that simple soap and water is the best way to clean epoxy coating. While harsher cleaning products will not necessarily damage the surface, prolonged use may diminish the overall shine and gloss of the character.

Summing up

It is tough to find any drawbacks to using epoxy flooring for your garage. From a practical standpoint, the unique chemical reaction results in a durable, versatile, and long-lasting substance that is easy to apply to existing flooring installations. 

There is no significant effort required in ensuring your epoxy coating remains in top condition, and the aesthetic choices and variety in colour are innumerable. Contact us today and let us find your ideal flooring solution.