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The Importance of Epoxy Flooring to Business

The Importance of Epoxy Flooring to Business

In the building industry and businesses such as manufacturing, facilities, food processing plants or warehouses, showrooms, retail stores and hotels, epoxy flooring is the most popular flooring type used by many business owners in Sydney.  

Did you know that epoxy resin has cross linked molecules that makes it more resistant? 

Epoxy resins are the core material in the formulation n of the topcoats, primers and sealants and they act as protective layers from fire and water or any other damage that would likely occur in the commercial and industrial spaces through time.

It is important to include flooring systems in the list of priorities to maintain and always keep in good condition in a business space since this environment is prone to daily potential which cannot be avoided.   

Now, let us take a look at the importance of getting high quality epoxy flooring for your commercial space. Fortunately, Sydney Epoxy Flooring professionals are here to give you pertinent details that will help your business maximize reducing maintenance costs of your business space.  

The Importance of Epoxy flooring to Business 

As flooring is one of the most useful foundations of every commercial and industrial business, proper care and maintenance should be given much importance. 

Manufacturing Facility 

In a factory or manufacturing facility, a flooring system is critical since it exposes many chemicals, intense heat and forklift trucks with heavy loads. Any floor without treatment or low maintenance floor cannot withstand these harsh conditions which will also affects productivity.

Safety is also resolved by having an epoxy floor. It reduces workplace or fall accidents by  brighter and non slip flooring. It also improves the visibility in the manufacturing plant areas for factory workers and forklift truck drivers.


Same as the concern with a factory or manufacturing plant, hotels reception area and hallways are very much exposed to high foot traffic (from the guests and hotel staff or crew) with a lot of travel bags and luggage movement day and night. Substandard flooring systems will not last long or even endure these tough floor requirements every day. 

With the qualities of epoxy, hotel flooring can be protected with a top coating that will surely resist and prevents damage occurring naturally and unavoidably. Also, epoxy provides your hotel floors always in a better looking “as new” condition.

Medical Plant or Research Laboratory

With many destructive mixing chemicals and perilous liquids that can spill over the medical plant grounds, damage such as cracking and breakage are expected to occur at any given time.

With the help of epoxy, even high temperatures or too much heat can never be a problem. Also, epoxy coats have a spill and waterproof features in which liquid or spills can be easily cleaned up without leaving stains or damage as well as avoiding fall accidents of laboratory staff. 

Retail Stores

A showroom of any kind of products like with a large display area is exposed to many clients from different suburbs and forklift trucks come and go to deliver the products and move them to organise swiftly.   

For a retail store owner, the floor’s life expectancy of the shop or showroom is vital as it would be too costly when not properly installed and maintained. Through epoxy flooring treatment, the lifespan will be extended after being coated, expectedly 10-20 years or more if the floors are clean and re coated regularly. Also, epoxy coatings provide a fresh appearance and are shiny, leaving the floors with a brand new look. Customers will be impressed and will want to visit the shop repeatedly.


A specific floor coating is required in warehouses for the protection from the heavy duty equipment, vehicular traffic and some cleaning aids with chemicals or oils. It is necessary so as not to interrupt the day to day warehouse operation. Also in a large warehouse heavy worker traffic requires a hassle free safe workplace. 


Imagine how many vehicles come and go every day in a garage of the shopping centre, different cars and heavier trucks might damage the garage floor instantly if no protective coatings were applied on it. Garage floor coatings are a protective layer to the garage section that provides protection from spills or some scratches. The floor also becomes crack resistant and moisture resistant once coated with epoxy. It is also available in different colours and will complement the design of the shopping centre garage. 

Truly epoxy coatings are very useful in any business or busy workplaces in Sydney where extraordinary protection is of great concern.  

But the question would be, does epoxy flooring cost a lot for business owners? Well, the cost depends on the size of the floor area your space has, on the preferred kind of finish and the current condition of the flooring system. 

Business owners considered epoxy flooring as one of the smart investments they have since they are looking at the long term results of the epoxy coatings or application, durability and protection of the flooring. With epoxy flooring, they don’t have to spend as much for floor repairs or breakage and accidents and slips of workers can also be avoided.  

Epoxy Flooring ensures Safety, Productivity and Smooth Operation 

With all the circumstances and harsh conditions in the working environment in the mentioned businesses, the flooring system is one crucial part that needs to be taken care of throughout the stages of the business. Safety, productivity and smooth operation are the 3 basic results if you can manage a great flooring system, thus, increase your yield/sales and later profit. 

Many common accidents occur in an untreated flooring system in a factory or warehouse, workers happen to fall on a slippery surface while passing by the area, or just transferring goods from one place to another. Safety inside the business premises is the primary concern of the Australian regulatory board in maintaining workplace safety standards for workers and customers. 

In an industrial place like a food processing plant or warehouse, increasing or at least maintain the productivity level is one of the main objectives of the company. And this can only be achieved if the operation will not be interrupted or hampered by some internal and external factors.  

Aside from the extraordinary protection epoxy coating may provide to commercial and industrial properties particularly on the flooring, it becomes valuable, more durable and brighter through time. 

Epoxy coating installations and maintenance services can only be done properly by experienced and professionals in Sydney. 

To guide you on how to maintain the epoxy flooring of your business space, Grab your phone and dial 1300 037 699 for a free consultation with Sydney Epoxy Floors experts.