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What type of Epoxy Flooring is best for your space?

What type of Epoxy Flooring is best for your Space?

As we all know, epoxy flooring is used to protect our floors and at the same time beautify and decorate the floors.

Epoxy is the most widely used flooring solution as it has amazing mechanical resistance properties. Aside from that another advantage of epoxy floors is that designs and styles can be created based on your preference. 

There are different types of epoxy flooring and as a homeowner or business owner, you need to know first the most appropriate kind to use for your space. 

Let’s check each type of epoxy flooring, its important details and get some guidelines from the most reliable Sydney Epoxy Floors professionals. 

Self leveling Epoxy Flooring

For concrete floors, this type of epoxy floor coating can be used specifically for commercial and industrial floors. Self leveling epoxy is applied on damaged and cracked floors to become smooth and spotless producing long lasting and low maintenance flooring. This is highly recommended for showrooms, commercial kitchens and garages, manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangars, hospitals and warehouses or big storage spaces. 

High gloss appearance, very attractive seamless surface and its resistance to heat or chemical and scratches are some of the benefits of Self leveling epoxy. The floors are also easy to clean and can avoid employees slipping on wet floors.

Quartz filled Epoxy Flooring

A combination of stained or multiple coloured quartz grains and epoxy polymer resin is Quartz filled epoxy flooring. It is advisable for use in medium traffic areas and is available in a very striking floor design and shine. You may also use a different colour combinations for a more customised design of choice. In terms of durability, Quartz filled is one of the tops of mind’s of most professionals, as it can easily modify the floors’ thickness based on what you need.

This type of epoxy flooring is best to use for locker rooms, restrooms, offices and guest lounge areas.

Epoxy Flake Flooring 

For sports venues or event centres, lobbies and laboratories, this type Epoxy Flake flooring is the best option. Flakes (usually coloured) are used and positioned in between epoxy forming colourful, durable and slightly harsh surfaces to prevent floor accidents being avoided in the working area. Also you may come up with various styles and designs with this type of flooring that can be used to match your product or brand’s colour. 

Epoxy Mortar Flooring

Any industrial facility may need a heavy duty flooring system to be able to withstand the heavy loads and movement of storage vehicles and some forklifts use inside the warehouse or processing plant. Only Epoxy Mortar is a strong flooring with this capacity which can provide an extra level of protection to your floors. Another effective use of epoxy mortar is it can repair existing damage thus making it a more economical option to use. Also it can create slopes in the flooring providing floor to wall cover. 

Anti Static Epoxy Flooring

Another useful flooring system where safety is the main purpose is Anti static epoxy flooring. This is quite appropriate for offices, retail stores, laboratories, electronic manufacturing facilities and even at home since this may prevent many accidents such as fire or explosions caused by electrostatic discharge. This is usually made from vinyl flooring that is easier to wash and clean through the use of wet cloth, and very easy to install. You don’t need to remove the old floors, just place the vinyl over it.  

Epoxy Terrazo Flooring

Another decorative flooring system is Epoxy Terrazo floor coating which is highly recommended for commercial spaces such as buildings and schools with very large and busy hallways. It is also easy to maintain and with exceptional resistance to bacteria or any chemicals, though can be a little costly because of its aesthetic appeal.

Vapour Barrier Epoxy flooring 

The Vapor Barrier epoxy flooring is also known as Moisture Barrier. Many homeowners are not aware of the serious damage water vapour might cause on their homes. The vapour barrier prevents the destruction of the floors, allowing them to be dried at all times, so no need to worry about the excess water vapour or moisture with the use of this epoxy flooring. This is best to use in areas prone to dampness or high humidity such as the ceiling and basement.

Choosing the most appropriate type of epoxy flooring is helpful in coming up with the right floor coating and investing in it is a lot worthy because it can save you more time, money or other resources and increase productivity or maintain the smooth operation of your business.

And to ensure you conduct a proper Epoxy coating installation whether for your business or residence, consult only with the experienced and professionals in Sydney. 

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